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I’ve lived in Chelmsford since I was 14, prior this I was a country boy having been brought up in a small hamlet in rural Essex. It was here I had my first experience of motorbikes, my dad brought a new shiny Honda Goldwing when I was about 12, before that my brothers had a beaten-up old Vespa or Lambretta and my friend’s dad had an old MZ (TS250 I think?) on his farm. The first bike I rode was a Honda C90 which was a friend’s dads that we used to go over the fields on, one day someone let me ride their DT50 up a track, unfortunately, I crashed into another kid riding another bike so, at the right old age of about 12 or 13 I ended up at the local A&E having my foot sewn up. Welcome to the world of motorbikes!

At 14 and at the perfect age mum and I moved into Chelmsford when my parents split up. The country is a great place to grow up in but when your a teenager the town calls!

Whilst other kids were planning their careers at school I was planning to travel. With no internet in 1981 I was buying books on hitchhiking in Europe and Kibbutz holidays, so when I finished my A Levels I hitchhiked around Europe for a few months with my friend Dave, then at 24 took a year out and travelled around the world to America, Australia and South East Asia before settling down to get married and have kids.

My marriage didn’t last but my commitment to my kids and career did. Bethan & Olly are now 20 & 19 and wonderful.

Throughout this time I worked for one company and in March 2014 after 22 years of a successful career I left to travel again, it felt like I was coming home 🙂

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  1. Umair says:

    Hi Dan. This is Umair from Ascender Islamabad. I just came to Ascender outlet in G-11 markaz and saw your card/sticker. I am not sure if it was you who came yourself but I have missed a great deal if I have missed the chance to meet you.

    If I can be of any help, you can reach me any time

    Happy travels!

  2. Tom says:

    Hi Dan, My name is Tom Barnett, I’m a Derby University student and i was forwarded an email regarding the production of a short film of your journey. I have travelled several countries via motorcycle: the USA; Morocco, and southern/eastern Europe. Biking is my number one passion and creating a film of this type is, quite simply, the reason i got into film production. Please contact me when you see this, I’ve left my email above. I’d love to come on board with the project, I promise you that you won’t find a candidate better suited to this than me, i ride my hornet everyday and have been employed by Honda and Harley-Davidson prior to my studies.

    Safe travels,
    Tom Barnett

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