I had planned to ride into mainland Europe, stay with family and friends dotted around France, Spain and Italy easing myself into a new way of life for the first month or so but due to circumstance beyond my control I couldn’t, instead I have to dash to Turkey in 12 days.

So, down through the French, Belgium and German boarders across The Alps and down the Dalmatian Coast towards Greece before arriving in Istanbul where my adventure starts to get interesting. Continuing east across Turkey, Georgia, Albania, Iraq, Iran & Pakistan I hope to spend time in the Himalayas before heading south into the Indian subcontinent. If I still have money then south East Asia and beyond are calling.

Update: 17th February 2015
I’ve made it SouthEast Asia and as I have a few pennies left I’m going to continue SouthEast down through Malaysia and Indonesia towards Australia. My rough plan is to cross from East Timor to Darwin in June 2015.





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  1. Gwen says:

    Well done dan enjoy

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