Day 142 – 26th August 2014 Manali

August 26, 2014 • Blog • Views: 31427

Manali seems very touristy but laid back too without much hassle from people selling stuff that you can get in other places.




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  1. Joe & gini says:

    Hi Dan, nice to See, that you are still with Heiko and the mini bar on the way. We are save home in Germany, bike is still in Bishkek waiting for loading. We see your pictures and ride!

    • Dan skeates says:

      Good to hear you’re back home safely. How was Pamir Highway? I left Heiko yesterday having ridden with him for two months. I’m sure we’ll keep in contact and I’m going to miss ‘The Mini Bar’.

      • Joe & gini says:

        Pamir is werth to come again! Beautifull People and Mountains, Easy riding and Most of the time all alone. You really Need a tent and a warm pullover for the nights, we had snow One night. After a shooting in Khorog, authorities did not pass any permissions for the Pamir. We where happy to get ours weeks before and had no problems passing the checkpoints.

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