Day 140 – 24th August 2014 Leave 8am Altitude 5,353 metres Leh – Manali Highway (1st half)

August 25, 2014 • Blog • Views: 5202

Heiko and I set off to ride the ‘Leh – Manali Highway’, the road was a combination of good tarmac and poor off road conditions, it’s the 2nd highest road in the world (we rode the highest 2 days ago) we twisted up the mountain and crossed ‘Taglang-Ta Pass’ at 5,353 metres. We then dropped down to about 4,700 metres and crossed ‘More Plains’ for a 40 km ride across this high plain surrounded by The Himalayan Mountains.

After further demanding off roading we arrived at Sarchu, half way between Leh & Manali at 4,340 metres. Sarchu has to be the remotest inhabited place I’ve been to, it consists of about 30 tin structures which are a combination of locals houses, rooms to rent, restaurants and 1 beer shop. We checked into our hotel room (cow shed) and had a bottle of beer each. After some food and when the sun went down there’s not a lot to do in Sarchu as there’s no electricity so at 7.30 I went to bed and fell straight to sleep!











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