Finally another video…

August 21, 2014 • Video • Views: 4070

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  1. Ian King says:

    Brilliant stuff, Dan. Are you using a GoPro? We’re either getting one of those or an SJ4000 which we’re trialling next month. Any recommendations on editing software (for a pair of complete novices/dunces?)
    Stay safe and enjoy the ride!

    • Dan skeates says:

      Hi Ian, yes it’s all GoPro. I send it all back to a friend who has the freedom to edit as he wants. When I get home I’ll have hours of footage so maybe I’ll do something more with it then?

      • Paul says:

        Hi Ian, I edited this last one using standard IMovie on the Mac, it’s very simple to use and has some powerful features if you need it, before graduating to a more professional setup. You need a fairly powerful processor for more complex scenes though.

  2. Rick Hollebon says:

    Very good Dan!!
    Best wishes from Mansfield.

  3. Grayham says:

    HI Danny boy.Great video.Hope your haveing a great trip.

  4. Manishgupta says:

    Hey bro , nice job , I dont know why I appreciate u man ur really a genious man wish u a great achievement own ur job and have a nice JOURNEY………

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