Day 23 – 29th April 2014 Istanbul

April 30, 2014 • Blog • Views: 1404

I went to the Azerbaijan Embassy this morning to enquire about a visa and they won’t give me one as I’m not applying for the visa in the country I live in, how crazy! It makes me wonder if some countries want tourist? They won’t get my money or me telling everyone what a great country it is (assuming it is).

Heidi turned up at the hostel in the afternoon and we went to ‘The Grand Bazaar’ which was good, I was expecting it to be crazy with hustle, bustle and noise, it wasn’t, it was too tame for me. It was massive though, alleyways everywhere and easy to get lost. I did.

Back at the hostel in the evening and I met many new people from Canada, USA, Argentina, Germany, France, Ireland and more. Many stories told and good information regarding countries I intend to visit especially regarding Iraq, Iran & Myanmar. I’ve been thinking about Iraq for a month or so now and talking to a few people, it is firmly on my route if things work out.




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